Once upon a time, there was a girl named Ana who lived in a small village at the foot of a large mountain. From her house, she could see a beautiful statue of a woman with a crown on her head. The people in the village called this woman “Queen Mary.”

One day, Ana decided to climb the mountain to see the statue up close. The climb was difficult, but she finally reached the top. She stood in front of the statue and wondered who Queen Mary was and why people called her that way.

Then, a bright light enveloped the statue, and Ana heard a soft and loving voice.

“Ana, I am Queen Mary. I am the mother of Jesus and the queen of heaven and earth.”

Ana was surprised to hear this but felt great peace in her heart.

“Why are you a queen?” Ana asked.

“Because I love my son Jesus and all the children of God. I take care of them and protect them. And as a loving mother, I always ask my son Jesus to provide them with what they need.”

Ana understood that Queen Mary was a loving mother who took care of all her children. From that day on, she would climb the mountain every day to talk to Queen Mary and share her concerns and dreams.

One day, Ana fell seriously ill, and the doctors couldn’t heal her. She remembered Queen Mary and climbed the mountain to ask for help.

Queen Mary appeared before her once again and said, “Do not worry, my daughter. I will ask my son Jesus to heal you.”

And so it happened. Ana was miraculously healed, and from then on, she became a devout follower of Queen Mary. Every time she climbed the mountain, she felt her love and protection.

Ana shared her story with the people of the village, and soon it became a popular devotion. People started climbing the mountain to pray and seek help from Queen Mary.

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