Your name in my heart.

Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Maria who was in love with a guy named Juan. Juan liked Maria as well, but there was one thing that worried him: his name.

It turns out that Juan’s name was very common in his country, and he felt that he had nothing special or unique about his name. He wanted a name that meant something important, something that would set him apart from others.

Maria, who loved Juan with all her heart, decided to do something special for him. She gave him a small hand-carved wooden heart with the word “Juan” on it. She told him that even though his name was common, he would always have a special place in her heart.

Juan was deeply touched by the gift and started carrying the small heart everywhere he went. He kept it in his pocket and would touch it whenever he needed a reminder of the love Maria felt for him.

Over time, Juan began to see his name in a different way. Now he knew that he had a special place in someone’s heart, and that made him feel special and unique. He no longer worried about his common name because he knew he was loved, and that was the most important thing.

Juan and Maria got married years later, and he still carried his little heart with his name on it. They kept it in a special place in their home as a reminder of the love they shared.

The story of Juan’s heart spread throughout the village, and soon, other people started making hearts with the names of their loved ones. Now, people carried small hearts with the names of their loved ones in their pockets as a reminder of love and connection.

And so, Maria and Juan’s little heart became a symbol of love and affection, and people began to understand that no matter how common a name may be, there is always a special place in someone’s heart for each of us.

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